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What is a Hootenanny?

A Hootenanny is officially defined (thank you dictionary.com) as a social gathering or informal concert featuring folk singing and, sometimes, dancing. But more importantly (and more officially), a Hootenanny is the Tuesday night show at Fair Hills Resort featuring folk singing and dancing.

The Hoot is probably one of the most anticipated activities each week at Fair Hills.  Prior to the show, many ask, “what is a Hootenanny?”  The best way to describe the Hoot without googling the exact definition is,  the Hoot is a hoot!  It is an hour and a half of time that will guarantee to make you smile, laugh, groan, giggle and sometime even dance.

Each year our talented (for the most part) college age staff become the shining stars on stage.  These stars rise to the high standard of the Hoot; memorizing 8-10 songs & choreography, song introduction lines and enthusiastic showmanship.  Nothing is off limits for the good of the show.  Our staff will get cold water dumped on their heads, the men will dress up like women and all will endure off key singing just so the audience is entertained.  What a great group of entertainers we have each year!

If you haven’t experienced a Hootenanny, what are you waiting for?   The Hoot is every Tuesday from mid-June through the end of August.  You won’t be disappointed.

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