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Guest Comments

Perhaps the best source of truth are the comments and testimonials from our current guests.  We at Fair Hills are so fortunate that the majority of our reservations are families who come back year after year to stay with us.  Just as we are a multi-generationally owned resort, we are a multi-generation resort among most of our guest families.  We hope these comments from our current guests help you understand the Fair Hills atmosphere, magic and experience before you visit us!

Your 50th Year is Free!

At Fair Hills, we track the number of years you stay with us.  Your 50th year vacation is FREE!  As of the 2023 season, we are fortunate to have 56 guests in our 50 Year Club!  We can’t wait to induct more members to this loyal group!

What was the highlight of your stay?

Sitting on the deck at night with friends and watching the kiddos play with friends while we hung out with the parents!  We also enjoyed the golf scramble and the kids loved capture the flag and swimming in the lake.   S&R   Sioux Falls, SD   2023 – 2nd Year


It was my husband’s first year and he absolutely loved this vacation.  Being around my family is a place that we love with my husband was wonderful!  K&J Norwalk, CT  2023 – 15th & 1st Year


Fair Hills is almost always the highlight of my year, and the highlight of Fair Hills for me is getting quality time with my immediate and extended family.  I appreciate everything that goes into supporting us getting that time together – providing exciting recreational activities, classic entertainment, pretty good food, etc.!  I love having a comfortable place to stay with my family where I know we’ll have fun together and can leave work and the demands of normal life behind.   June 2023


The highlight is being with extended family, enough structure to have things to do, and unstructured enough for people to choose their own activities.  D  Gurnee, IL  2023 – 19th Year


Having a week with family and friends without having to cook or clean.  G  St. Paul  2023 – 39th Year


Great family time together, with the pressure of planning, prepping and cooking meals for 14 of us.  M&B Champaign, IL   2023 – 25th Year


When my nieces & nephews asked when we were coming back.  Watching my nieces & nephews having fun together.  B Orange City, IA   2023 – 3rd Year


The staff, 100%.  The watersports, the pool/ping pong tables, the snack bar, the Perch, tennis and pickleball, golf carts!!  The special time with people we’ve met there and all the memories we now share with [Grandma & Grandpa] – it’s all priceless and so very much appreciated.   M&X  Kirkwood, MO  2023 – 3rd Year


We just LOVE Fair Hills.  We love the traditions that our family experiences.  We honestly just love that it’s nothing fancy.  Just classic good family fun.  The families who run that place should be so proud.  They are creating something so magical.  Something that brings families together and creates these memories to literally last a lifetime.  I was just on the way home and I had my Fair Hills sweatshirt on.  Someone stopped me at the gas station and we got to talking and he went to Fair Hills as a child for 12 years with his family.  He didn’t know it was still open but he knew that the Kaldahls owned it back then and, oh my gosh, he lit up like a Christmas tree talking about his memories there!  The memories really do last a lifetime.  A   Orinda, CA  2023 – 7th Year


Being together with family, getting to enjoy time outdoors, not on screens, and seeing my daughter run around with her “cousins.”  I also enjoy seeing the regular staff!  K&M Berkeley, CA  2023 – 39th & 5th Year


We really enjoy coming to Fair Hills.  The unspoken highlight of Fair Hills is probably the fact that we don’t have to clean our own home, drive anywhere or cook. Just being on the lake, being with cousins and family and extended family and enjoying some sunshine and great conversation is my favorite. A&A Edmonds, WA  2023 – 16th Year


The food, the facility, the “americana” atmosphere, ice cream fountain, the water, the staff, ALL OF IT!  D St. Paul, MN  2023 – 8th Year


Making memories with our immediate and extended family.  Our kids say Fair Hills was their favorite part of the summer!  We’d agree 🙂   K  Delano, MN 2022 – 13th Year


It was so fun for me to have my three year old there for the first time.  I loved Fair Hills so much as a child and it was great to see my kid roaming the grounds.  J&C  San Francisco, CA 2022 – 10th & 2nd Year


Friends, and seeing my kids grow up with new friends and the same memories I had as a kid.  D&A  Cornwall, VT 2022 – 9th Year


Watching our 8 year old learn how to water ski.  Watching both of our kids on stage at the Talent Show.  Playing together as a family at the pool.  K&W  Chicago, IL 2022 – 22nd & 5th Year


Getting to relive some of my best childhood memories through the eyes of my child and nieces/nephews.  We love that the resort hasn’t changed over the years and that all the magic remains.  A&L  Elkhorn, NE 2022 – 2nd & 9th Year


The fact that five teenagers enjoyed the week!  There was truly something for everyone, I felt the resort was safe and I could let the kids have some freedom, which they liked and also gave Mom and Dad time to relax.  E&B Grundy Center, IA 2022 – NEW!


I enjoyed meeting other families and the freedom we were able to five our kids to roam about.  The owners and fam are just delightful.  S&R  Sioux Falls, SD 2022 – NEW!


It’s not one thing…it’s the way the Fair Hills experience makes you feel overall.  It’s a rare, special combination of service, exemplary attention to detail, meticulous maintenance and – dare I say – the joy of making people happy.  They’ve mastered it at Fair Hills.  – X Kirkwood, MO 2022 – 2nd Year


The staff taking our kids and having fun so the adults could sit and talk!!  D&J Crystal, MN 2022 – NEW!


The family atmosphere and community created over the years.  T&D  Robbinsdale, MN 2022 – 39th & 35th Year


What about the resort encourages you to come back the most?

Hanging out with the same families we met last year and loved.  S&R  Sioux Falls, SD 2023 – 2nd Year


It works best for our big family and the other families that we have developed great friendships with.  You offer something to everyone – all ages. Very well done.  P  Deerfield Beach, FL  2023 – 18th Year


Tradition.  There is nowhere like it!  J&E Sioux City, IA  2023 – 48th Year


4 generations of our family all enjoyed the time!  Great for all age groups.  Loved it being a safe place for the grandchildren.  The adults also enjoyed time where kids kept busy and we could actually visit!  L&R  Minnetonka, MN  2023 – 2nd Year


The variety of activities that FH offers for all ages.  We love that we don’t have to leave the resort.  K&S Lenexa, KS  2023 – 23rd & 9th Year


A casual beautiful place to live together for the week, the beautiful lake, the traditions, the happy people!  A Santa Barbara, CA  2023 – 2nd Year


The overall pleasant attitude of the staff, and Fair Hills has everything we want in a vacation.  L&C Fairfax, VA  2023 – 35th Year


Friendliness, activities for all ages, meals served, wholesomeness in all you do. J&D  St. Paul, MN   2023 – NEW!


It’s really everthing… the resort is gorgeous, the atmosphere so relaxed and relaxing, the people so warn and friendly yet always professional and service focused.  I’ve stayed in many fancy places in my 30+ year as a travel professional and what Fair Hills offers is truly priceless…you feel the years and life’s stresses slide off for the week.  It’s our favorite week of the year and we can’t wait to come back!  M&X Kirkwood, MO   2023 – 3rd Year


Having the resort provide meals, cleaning service and all the many and varied activity for different age groups. J&D Charles City, IA   2023 – 22nd Year


The ease of having everything right there, not having to plan things out, and just relax!  The people are probably the biggest part though.  Everyone, staff and guests, were incredibly king, friendly, and welcoming.  We felt like we belonged, and the kids are already begging to go back again next summer.  S&A  Winona, MN   2023 – NEW!


Feeling taken care of, schedule make for us.  Friends from all over.  L&D  Verona, WI 2022 – 13th Year


We love the choices.  Lots of options as far as adult and kid’s activities go.  There’s something for everyone.  We can enjoy spending our time together and also trying activities on our own or with other family members.  It’s really nice to have options.  Fair Hills is truly heaven on earth for our family and we look forward to it months (and years) in advance.  I love that my kids can spread their wings a bit and try some new activities and make some new friends.  It’s a safe place where we can feel at home.  K  Delano, MN 2022 – 13th Year


The family friendly atmosphere where each member can find fun things to do.  Also the staff is always wonderful.  Love the feel of the place and that improvements are made (yay Wi-Fi) but you still feel taken back to a less technological time.  J&T  Champaign, IL 2022 – 4th Year


Convenience from home and it’s a comfortable place the family can get all together to have fun and relax.  We have 4 kids and have been coming since our oldest was 6 months old – the kids are all adults now and they still look forward to coming up to FH!  J&S  Maple Grove, MN 2022 – 34th Year


A chance to have time with our daughters and their families in a place where THEY can also relax and not have to “parent” constantly.  Let the kids run free – it feels safe.  D&F  Ross, CA 2022 – 22nd Year


How happy our children are at Fair Hills.  And the chance for the grownups to golf and play tennis. K&W  Chicago, IL 2022 – 22nd & 5th Year


Our whole family loves it and we can be together without a burden on any one person.   A&R St. Louis, MO 2022 – 25th Year


The familiarity, the legacy, reuniting with family and friends, and the Lake!  C  New York, NY 2022 – 52nd Year


How easy everything is…all you have to do is show up for whatever you want!  The kids were able to get whatever they wanted/needed (cabin charge) without asking, and plenty of activities to keep everyone busy.  Our family has a wide variety of interests, but everyone felt included.  I feel like this will be a place to keep in mind down the road as we add grandchildren to our family as well.  E&B Grundy Center, IA 2022 – NEW!


The feeling that everyone is family.  I loved the peace and quiet and no TV.  K&M  St. Paul, MN 2022 – NEW!


Relaxed atmosphere, variety of activities, ability to spend time with family with limited technology distractions.  T  Medham, NJ 2022 – 2nd Year


We love Fair Hills, the feeling of fun, family and freedom it gives.  Family camp is our word for Fair Hills.   Our grandchildren LOVE it.  They don’t want to go anywhere else.  K&D  Pauline, SC 2022 – 10th Year

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