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About Fair Hills Resort

Your Summer Vacation Home Since 1926

Fair Hills Resort is a family vacation destination open each year from May through September. For 10 weeks mid-summer, we are an all-inclusive resort providing three meals a day to our guests. At that time, we also offer supervised recreation activities three times a day. Fair Hills also offers conference, event and wedding facilities available during the entire season.

Fair Hills Resort is more than just a vacation destination; it is a vacation family. The staff at Fair Hills strive to provide an environment that makes you feel at home. Our guests tell us they keep coming back for many reasons, including the tradition of reuniting with friends and family. Sharing the good times, good food, fun entertainment, recreation and looking forward to this year’s Hootenanny are just a few of the things that bring our guests back year after year. It’s also about creating new memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Let Fair Hills provide you with comfortable, cozy cabins, three delicious meals each day and fill your schedule with as many or as few activities as you wish. At Fair Hills, you do not have to clean, cook or create; we do it all for you. Family is Fair Hills’ main priority and when you stay with us, you are part of our family.

What Our Guests Say

We just LOVE Fair Hills.  We love the traditions that our family experiences.  We honestly just love that it’s nothing fancy.  Just classic good family fun.  The families who run that place should be so proud.  They are creating something so magical.  Something that brings families together and creates these memories to literally last a lifetime.  I was just on the way home and I had my Fair Hills sweatshirt on.  Someone stopped me at the gas station and we got to talking and he went to Fair Hills as a child for 12 years with his family.  He didn’t know it was still open but he knew that the Kaldahls owned it back then and, oh my gosh, he lit up like a Christmas tree talking about his memories there!  The memories really do last a lifetime.  A   Orinda, CA  2023 – 7th Year

We really enjoy coming to Fair Hills.  The unspoken highlight of Fair Hills is probably the fact that we don’t have to clean our own home, drive anywhere or cook. Just being on the lake, being with cousins and family and extended family and enjoying some sunshine and great conversation is my favorite. A&A Edmonds, WA  2023 – 16th Year

It’s not one thing…it’s the way the Fair Hills experience makes you feel overall.  It’s a rare, special combination of service, exemplary attention to detail, meticulous maintenance and – dare I say – the joy of making people happy.  They’ve mastered it at Fair Hills.  – X Kirkwood, MO 2022 – 2nd Year

We love the choices.  Lots of options as far as adult and kid’s activities go.  There’s something for everyone.  We can enjoy spending our time together and also trying activities on our own or with other family members.  It’s really nice to have options.  Fair Hills is truly heaven on earth for our family and we look forward to it months (and years) in advance.  I love that my kids can spread their wings a bit and try some new activities and make some new friends.  It’s a safe place where we can feel at home.  K  Delano, MN 2022 – 13th Year

We love Fair Hills, the feeling of fun, family and freedom it gives.  Family camp is our word for Fair Hills.   Our grandchildren LOVE it.  They don’t want to go anywhere else.  K&D  Pauline, SC 2022 – 10th Year

Who We Are

First and foremost, we are family!  A family owned and operated resort, an unrelated (some are related!) team that feels like family and decades of guests who we watch grow up and are our vacation family.  Our guests are not just numbers to us, they are our people, our neighbors, our friends.  We put forth the effort to get to know our guests and let them get to know us.  We are not a Mr & Mrs  so-and-so resort, everyone is on a first name basis!  We want to get to know you!   

Next, we are musical!  The Kaldahl family has had music in their blood from the beginning.  Chester Kaldahl fostered the love of music with the Marching Band starting decades ago.  Dave Kaldahl was essential in creating the famous Hootenanny that has been running since 1965!  Beth Kaldahl Schupp and the whole team continue to incorporate music in much of what Fair Hills does; sing-a-longs, the Hootenanny, the Talent Show, karaoke, Barbershop Quartet, Marching Band, etc.  We just love to add a little music to all we do!  Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do…

We are hospitable!  Hospitality is the name of our game and we take it seriously.  It comes with the feeling of family.  We are here to answer your questions, fulfill your needs, solve your problems (not that there are any in paradise) and serve you as exceptionally as we know how.  Nothing is too much for us, just ask! 

We are silly.  We have a good sense of humor and love a good joke, light prank, silly activity or fun game.  You’ll see our sense of humor in our songs, jokes and puns in the Hootenanny.  You’ll roll your eyes at our April Fool’s newsletter.  You’ll root for our staff in the annual Belly Flop contest.  You’ll follow along with our office shenanigans shared on social media over the winter (because how else will we survive until summer?!)   Hopefully, you’ll share your sense of fun with us too on vacation!

We are conscientious.   We know we play a part on the planet and that our choices can make impacts.  We strive to make best decisions to always reduce, reuse and recycle.  While we may not have every resource at our disposal in our neck of the woods or at our level, we do the best!  We send leftover food scraps to local farms, recycle everything we can, use as little one-time use products as possible and work as efficiently as possible.  It takes the whole team and it’s worth it!   


24270 Co. Hwy 20
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501



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