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Wander the Map Captures Fair Hills Magic

Summer 2019 served us up some fabulous memories this year! We are counting down our absolute favorite moments and activities of the season in this 10-part blog series! Stay tuned for more additions each week! Coming in at #2…. Wander the Map Capturing Fair Hills Magic!

We always talk about how difficult it is to truly capture the magic you experience during a stay at Fair Hills Resort. It’s a difficult mission to accomplish! Stories and pictures can do a great job of sharing some of that feeling, but still, they can only do so much. But this year, we were fortunate to host Wander the Map, a photography & videography company started by a couple from right nearby in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.

Micah and Jenna stayed for an entire week during our busy family season, attending all the regular activities, meals, and events we offer. They even video-taped the Hootenanny for us, which we post to Youtube every year. At the end of their stay, they created a video highlighting their stay and splendidly showcasing that elusive Fair Hills magic. If you haven’t already, make sure to check it out by clicking HERE!

Besides that, they snapped some AMAZING shots around the resort, which you can see in the accompanying picture. Not only that, but they also showcased one of the most essential ingredients in our Fair Hills magic: the Staff! Check out this awesome short video of each country introducing themselves HERE.

We feel truly blessed to have such talented local people who love this area as much as we do. Micah and Jenna were brilliant in capturing an experience at our resort. And while their photos and videos definitely took that to the next level, there’s only one true way to experience that Fair Hills magic – joining us on the shores of Pelican Lake!

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