Recreation Activities

Fair Hills has an activity for everyone. Whether it is participating in one of our organized recreation activities, taking advantage of one of our many amenities or relaxing in the beautiful Minnesota sunshine, Fair Hills has something for you. On land and in the water, our super summer vacationers do it all.

Fair Hills has a 94-year-long history of being an active family resort. During our family weeks we offer free sports lessons and scheduled recreation activities. The entire day can be filled with games, family fun and the vacation lifestyle of a classic north woods summer camp. Children ages 4-8 will love the fun time they’ll have on a treasure hunt and at the carnival. Kids ages 8-14 enjoy the water slide, torpedo rides and boat rides. Older teens and adults may participate in tennis, golf, volleyball and more. All of the activities are FREE for the entire family. You’ll probably have to come back several times just to try them all!

Our qualified recreation staff facilitates all daily activities and take great care of all participants, no matter the age. Parents drop off their kids and are encouraged to take the hour and a half to relax! The kids are so preoccupied, they forget about their parents. Sometimes you won’t see your kids until mealtime!

Don’t forget to bring your talent with you for our Thursday Night Talent Show!

Sample Activity Schedule

Morning Afternoon Evening
Saturday Family Bingo
Sunday 7:15 a.m. – Morning Walk  .

Water Aerobics

Ages 4-8 – Happy Bus Rides

Ages 8-14 – Capture the Flag

10:00 a.m.- Zumba

1:00 p.m. – New Family Orientation

Ages 4-8 – Fishing

Ages 8-14 – Swimming

Adults – Golf Scramble

Ice Cream Social

International Night

Adult Poker/Card Games

Monday  7:15 a.m. – Morning Walk

Water Aerobics

Ages 4-8 – Treasure Hunt

Ages 8-14 – Fishing

Adults – Tennis Mixer



Age 12 – Adult – Tubing on the Otter tail River

All Ages – Family Games

Teen Night Out

Family Campfire


Tuesday 7:15 a.m. – Morning Walk

Water Aerobics

Ages 4-8 – Nature Crafts

Ages 8-14/Adults – Softball

HIIT Class

All Ages – Waterslide Hootenanny
Wednesday 7:15 a.m. – Morning Walk

Water Aerobics

Ages 4-8 – Chalk Talk & Happy Bus Rides

Ages 8-14 – Nuke ’em & Lake Time

Adults – Wildflower Golf Scramble




Talent Show Auditions

Adult Paint Party

Kids Cruise

Teen Meet & Greet Cruise

Adults – Cocktail Hour

Singalong Cocktail Party

Closest to the Pin Contest

Thursday 7:15 a.m. – Morning Walk

Water Aerobics

Ages 4-8 – Arts & Crafts

Ages 8-14 – Kids in the Kitchen

Adults – Tennis Mixer

Body Weight Class

Ages 4-8 – Fun in the Kitchen

Ages 8-14 – Scavenger Hunt Ping Pong Lessons Talent Show Auditions

Bike Around the Lake Big Pelican Family Cruise

Talent Show
Friday 7:15 a.m. – Morning Walk

Water Aerobics

Ages 4-8 – Carnival

Ages 8-14 – Slime Making

Adults – Scotch Golf

Stretch and Restore

Ages 4-8 – Beach Day

Ages 8-14 – Torpedo Rides Speed Golf & Root Beer Floats

Staff Sings

“Your Week in Pictures”

Staff Concert

Available Activities