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The Close of the 2011 Season

The Fair Hills 2011 Season has ended. The resort has been cleaned and closed down for the winter. Patty has unmade all the beds, Dave has turned the water off to all cabins and Debbie has wrapped up everything in the lobby. The office has moved into Detroit Lakes and it is quiet. Too quiet.

The office in town is in Beth’s DL house basement. Though it is a nice office, it does not have the poolside views of the lake office. It doesn’t have the noise of the waves rolling up on shore or of the golf carts putting around the paths. Each spring and fall we pack up our desks and move. It is great for cleaning & dusting; things we don’t want to move typically get tossed. You’d think that would help us not accumulate so much stuff but you’d be wrong. We have so much stuff! It takes a whole trailer and a few cars to move 5 people from office to office. With help, it usually only takes a few hours!

Summer 2011 was wonderful! It was a busy hot summer filled with fabulous guests, wonderful staff and endless sweet memories. After such a busy season it does feel good to slow down and rest. However in about 2 weeks we will all be itching for the hot busy summer.  At least all this quiet time is filled with thinking about summer.  We are constantly brainstorming ideas to maintain and improve your summer vacation home.  What really helps us get through winter is hearing from you, our guests!  We love to hear from you for family updates, suggestions and of course reservations!

All of us at Fair Hills wish you a happy fall!

24270 Co. Hwy 20
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501



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