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Team Building Activity Menu – 2020

Is your workplace lacking positive energy, teamwork, communication or innovation? It’s time to escape to Fair Hills Resort for a day of team building! 

We know what you’re thinking.. team building often has a lame reputation, but we promise you that it is one of the most important investments you can make for your people. Your team will feel appreciated, and there’s not much better than that! When team building is led by the Fair Hills Resort recreation staff, we guarantee success because your events will be not only unique and adventurous, but also enjoyable!  

We are excited to announce brand new team building activities in 2020! 

2020 Fair Hills Resort Team Building Menu

  1. Lip Sync Battle–The mic is off, but the battle is on. Dress up and perform a lip sync performance. Staff and guests vote on the best performance.
  2. Karaoke Party–Showcase your hidden talent. Use all that practice you put in belting out tunes on your commute to work. Share some laughs with a Karaoke Party!
  3. Tug of War–The classic test of teamwork is an old favorite. Be the first to pull your opponents over the line.
  4. Bowls–A Schupp Family Favorite! Break into teams, and each person submits a number of nouns to a large bowl. Any person, place or thing. Round 1: Use as many words as needed to get your team to say the noun. Catch..you cannot use the exact word. Round 2: Use only ONE word to get your team to guess the word You cannot use the exact word. Round 3: No words. Act out the word. Rounds are timed, and the team with the most correct guesses per round, wins!  
  5. Bike Tour–Get a feel for the true size of Pelican Lake by biking around it! Led by our avid bike staff, this tour ventures out on the roads surrounding Pelican Lake.
  6. Fun Run/Walk–Start your day with an up to three-mile walk led by our staff. It’s just the right way to start your active day at Fair Hills! Custom course lengths available.
  7. Fill It Up–Teams compete against each other to fill their water receptacle from one point to another using only the utensil they choose.
  8. Olympics–Groups are divided into teams to compete in a variety of classic activities, accumulating points for overall standings. Choose three activities–shuffleboard, bocce ball, ladder golf, volleyball, horseshoes or bean bags. Additional activities available for an additional fee.
  9. Shout that Song–We’ve put together clips from the theme songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today. We’ll break you up into teams and run a competition to see who has the most pop culture knowledge. The team with the highest score wins!
  10. Name That Person–Individuals are separated into two teams. Each person on the team is given a note card and asked to write down 5 little known facts about themselves.The cards are then thrown into a pile on the floor. Each team draws one card at a time from the opposing team’s card pile. They read the first clue and, if they correctly guess who is on the first clue, they score 5 points. If not, then they read the second clue for 4 points, then the third clue for 3 points, etc. The team with the most points wins!
  11. Watch Your Step–In an open area, teams work together to complete the course. A blind folded team member is inside the course, while the others are outside as they verbally instruct the blindfolded teammate to navigate across the route, picking up the toys and avoiding stepping on sheets of paper (mines) or outside the enclosed area.
  12. Group Fitness Classes–Choose from yoga, Zumba, PiYo, water aerobics, or HIIT. Group fitness classes are a great activity to offer in the mornings before your event begins!
  13. Paints & Pints–Let your creative side flourish in this class. You’ll be provided with all the necessary equipment: canvas, easel, brushes, paint, apron, etc. All you need to do is paint and have fun! A bar and snacks are available during the class. Best of all, you get to take your 16” x 20” painting home!

So head to Fair Hills Resort and out of their comfort zones–that’s where growth happens! 

If your company is intereste

d in team building, please contact our Laura McMartin, Conference & Event Director, for more information. laura@fairhillsresort.com 218-847-7638 


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