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Splishin’, Splashin’ & Summertime Fun

Fair Hills guests take turns on the waterslide at the Fair Hills golf course on a hot summer day. // Photo courtesy of Larry Swenson.

As we inch a little closer to summertime and the weather gets warmer, our minds start to drift towards thoughts of sunshine, less worries and maybe even a little Fair Hills waterslide fun.

This year, we are extremely excited to celebrate 50 years of the Fair Hills Resort waterslide!

Do you have a favorite memory? Share it with us!

Over the years, the waterslide has been a guest favorite and a constant tradition. Jumping from hole to hole on the Fair Hills golf course, the big plastic tarp is a staple that blankets one steep fairway every week throughout the summer. Paired with a huge sprinkler and hoses, for sliding purposes, you can’t go wrong. You can really build up some speed! It’s definitely a great way to cool off and an easy way for the entire family to have some fun.

The waterslide has always been a favorite of my brother (Carson) and sister (Tenley). It’s the talking point that day at lunch, in which everyone’s all ready to go in their swimsuits. The bell rings that afternoon and they’re nowhere to be found — except first in line for the waterslide out on the golf course. Families load up the golf carts and head out to the year’s designated hole, taking photos and laughing in disbelief at how much grass sticks to their kids after they fly off the end of the tarp. Great photos for the family scrapbook or a vacation Facebook photo album. Some families even go for distance, making a sport of how fast and far each member of the family can make it after the tarp ends.

Fair Hills activity directors help to hold down the edges of the tarp from flying up and folding over, spraying everyone with cold water as they slip past, laughing and having a great time. Larry Swenson heads the activity most times, helping to organize the line and space participants out at the top of the hill.

Throughout my time as a Fair Hills guest, I’ve found it best to either double-up your swimsuit (a one-piece is suggested) or to wear an old t-shirt over your swimsuit to avoid being rubbed the wrong way or pricked by the grass at the bottom of the tarp. Be warned…your shirt will most likely have some grass stains afterwards! Kids always get the most turns because their inexhaustible source of energy exceeds that of the adults participating. Running back up that hill is tough! (But worth it. You need some way to run off all that delicious food.)

After the waterslide is over (it always goes by so fast!), it’s great to rinse off in the lake and then take a dip in the hot tub or pool. Maybe even head into the lodge for some popcorn or ice cream!

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