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Office Answers – Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

Thanksgiving reminds us to focus on the good, recognizing and feeling truly thankful for all the things that make our lives so wonderful. Some of the members of our winter office staff gave their answers to this question: What’s the one experience for which you are most grateful for this year? (Besides, of course, another fabulous season with our amazing guests and staff.)

“Celebrating my 60th birthday with my hubby in NYC!” – Beth 

“Having the support of my wonderful family and friends during a year where I had some challenges (with chronic pain). Also, being lucky enough to meet so many amazing people from all over this last year while cherishing the feeling that Fair Hills helps make clear – that it’s really a small world after all.” – Emily

*We’ll just assume Caitlin’s would be the birth of her second set of twins, Rory and Finn. No need to bother that busy Momma.*

“Aside from celebrating Wildflower’s 25th anniversary, I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel. So far in 2018, I’ve visited the Dominican, Vegas, Arizona, and my first trip to Duluth (where I had the opportunity to share some of our social media techniques with other Minnesota resorters and campground owners)!” – Laura

“Bringing home our rambunctious and darling golden retriever puppy, Lou. And having a wonderful wedding season, hosting the most weddings that both Fair Hills AND the Barn at Five Lakes has ever seen! Not to mention both venues receiving the award for “Best of 2018” in The Knot.” – Amanda

“Opportunities to travel for special visits to spend quality time with my family.” – Gladys

“Watching my older sister become a mom to a beautiful baby girl, Sage Michaela. Her smiles and giggles never fail to melt my heart. And also beginning this new, exciting (and rather snowy) adventure in Minnesota!” – Casey

Okay, seeing these answers, it’s obviously difficult to choose just ONE experience to be most grateful for. But hey, we’ll take that problem any day! Happy Thanksgiving from our Fair Hills family to yours!

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