My Vacation Bucket List at Fair Hills Resort

We’ve created the ultimate summer vacation bucket list for kids with plenty of outdoor time with fresh fun activities.  And don’t worry! We have the bad weather days covered too. Time to start daydreaming about your summer vacation at Fair Hills this year! New activities to add to your bucket list include…
  • Bobbing for donuts
  • Digging for bones
  • Crafting bird feeders…they need to eat too!
  • Frame it.. create a frame for you fabulous lake jump
  • Chef’s in the kitchen …complete with a personalized hat!
  • Friendship walking sticks…design your own
  • Star Struck …wild about music, dance and the visual’re going to love these activities…and perhaps show it off at the talent show!

These are just some new activities you may want to add to your vacation bucket list this year! Of course, we totally recommend keeping the classics such as…

  • Jumping off the red tower
  • Slipping down our famous grassy water slide
  • Seeing this year’s hootenanny
  • Auditioning for an act in the talent show
  • Crooning a tune at karaoke
  • Building an award-winning sand castle
  • Finding treasure on the treasure hunt
  • Having a malt from the soda fountain
  • Shooting pool in the lobby basement
  • Marching in costume in the Fair Hills Parade
  • Eating outside on the deck for the picnic
  • Putting my favorite toppings on my sundae at the ice cream social
  • Taking a waterski, tennis, golf, and/or sailing lesson


kids at arts and crafts activity