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My Internship Experience – Liv Meline

My experience working at Fair Hills Resort was far better than what I expected out of an internship. During the summer of 2019, I worked as the events coordinator intern for Fair Hills Resort and as the public relations intern for Wildflower Golf Course. From the amazing staff to living on the lake throughout my internship, I essentially got to work alongside my friends at a vacation destination.

This internship was the last step for me to graduate from Iowa State University and was the first full-time position I’ve held; additionally, this was the first time I would be living outside of Iowa so, initially, I was pretty nervous. However, it didn’t take long to adjust to lake life at a resort.

For my internship, most of my day was spent working on social media platforms; I regularly posted to the Facebook and Instagram pages, and I updated the website and blog for Wildflower. On top of that, many days I would get the opportunity to design flyers, ads, brochures and newsletters for the golf course. For Fair Hills, I would mainly serve as the on-site contact for events, anything from birthday parties to family reunions to corporate retreats. I would supervise the events, ensure everything went properly and I often got to bartend and serve food at events, as well.

I definitely learned a lot during my internship; it’s an amazing experience because of all the freedom and trust I received working in my position. Because the staff lives and works together, we are able to form such close friendships which makes work a far more enjoyable experience. It’s nice to work alongside people who I like and trust to do what needs to be done, and I get to receive the same respect in return.

Fair Hills Resort is staffed with many talented, friendly people who are willing to work with your throughout your time there and really teach you about  the position and the facility. My degree is in public relations, but I was able to gain events experience and real-world background in professional work. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work for this company and I would recommend this job to anyone looking to work in a flexible, fast-paced, learn-on-the-job type of environment.

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