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Minute To Win It – Best of 2019

Summer 2019 served us up some fabulous memories this year! We are counting down our absolute favorite moments and activities of the season in this 10-part blog series! Stay tuned for more additions each week! Coming in at #7…. Minute to Win It new on the Activities Schedule. 

We added a fun addition to our Recreation Schedule this year called Minute to Win It. Inspired by a popular TV show, guests compete in high-pressure, minute-long challenges to win points for their team. After the ice cream social on Sunday evening, guests gathered in the pavilion to try out the new game, and every week we had a blast!

We love this activity because it gets EVERYONE involved–all ages! Also, it’s incredibly simple to replicate it at home. Most of the game’s materials are regular household items. Here are a few of our favorite Minute to Win it challenges that you can try at home:

1. Face the Cookie

Start with a cookie on your forehead, and using only the muscles in your face (NO HANDS!), get the cookie into your mouth.

2. Scoop it Up

Using a spoon in your mouth and nothing else, transfer 5 ping pong balls from one bowl to another sitting at either end of an 8-foot table

3. Defy Gravity

With a partner and using only one hand, keep 3 balloons from falling on the ground for 60 seconds. **Our guests definitely had the most trouble with this particular challenge. We modified it to only 30 seconds, and it was still a struggle! Feel free to make your own modifications.

4. Elephant March

A tennis ball (or larger softball) is placed at the foot of a pair of pantyhose. Waist of pantyhose are secured to player’s head. Player must knock over 7 water bottles/soda bottles lined in a row on the floor.

5. Mallows Away

In one hand, players must use the handle of a broom to catapult a marshmallow (that is sitting on a paper plate which is sitting halfway off the edge of a table) into a mug they are holding in the other hand. (Click here for a visual demonstration)

6. Rapid Fire

Using rubber bands, knock down a pyramid of 6 empty soda cans


These will get you started, but there are so many more Minute to Win It challenges out there. Perhaps you can start a new family party tradition this holiday season. We can’t wait to play this game again, so expect an array of NEW challenges when you return to Fair Hills Resort next summer!

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