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Karaoke Night on the Activities Schedule – Best of 2019

Summer 2019 served us up some fabulous memories this year! We are counting down our absolute favorite moments and activities of the season in this 10-part blog series! Stay tuned for more additions each week!

Coming in at #6….Karaoke Night!!

Amid popular demand, we decided to add a Karaoke night to our Activities Schedule this summer. Every Wednesday night, The Perch on Pelican filled to the brim with our talented guests. We spent the night belting out ballads and crooning our best tunes.

From the hits of the 1930’s to current top charts, guests requested a wide range of songs at Fair Hills Karaoke Night.

We swooned when couples sang a romantic duet together. Then, we laughed when enormous cousin groups all crammed around a single mic stand, and their collective voices boomed louder than any microphone could. And we cheered on brave kids who took the stage in front of a packed room.

Karaoke Night favorites of 2019 included “Summer nights” from the movieĀ Grease, “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, the trendiest song of summer, and “I Want it That Way” from the Backstreet Boys. Plus, this year’s 2019 Royal Hootenanny helped influence some song choices. So we were lucky to be serenaded with many different Queen songs, too.

Fortunately, it seemed we had a packed house in The Perch on Pelican for Karaoke every week of family season. In fact, some weeks it was so busy we couldn’t make it through every song request until long past quiet hours starting at 10:00pm. Perhaps in 2020, we’ll have to add a couple Karaoke nights to the schedule, so everyone can showcase their go-to song.

Either way, we are thrilled to continue Karaoke Night at Fair Hills for many summers to come. We hope you’ll continue to join us!

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