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The Farthest Thing from Fair Hills

We just received the following email that we just had to share – thanks Sharon!

I just wanted to share with you an experience we had last weekend.

My daughter’s girl scout troop and their moms went to a Dude Ranch in NY last weekend. We met 500+ other girl scouts/moms from around the region for a special weekend (it is a family resort, not just a girl scout resort). We were so excited to go. The brochure looked great and very interesting. In trying to answer my daughter’s questions of anticipation about the place – I said it looks like it’s going to be a lot like Fair Hills. It was an all inclusive, ring the bell for dinner, lots of scheduled activities, have a great time type of place…or so we thought it was going to be. Let me tell you, we were very disappointed to find out that it was not kept up the way it was pictured in their brochure (obviously an old brochure), not clean or maintained (we even found a couple of bugs in the bed), the water was brown coming out of the faucet leaving particles in the tub, and the food was horrible. It got to the point that you wondered what you could get on the menu (set up like yours) that they couldn’t mess up! What a disappointment. The girls had fun with their activities and being together on their weekend away, but even the scheduled events lacked the friendly manner in which Fair Hills does theirs. We couldn’t wait to leave and plan to never return. In other words, it was the farthest thing from Fair Hills. It made us miss you even more. You certainly know how to do it up right and we realized it when we were with you and even more so when we were not. We brought up our Fair Hills vacation several times that weekend to others sharing what we expected because of another vacation we were on set up similarly to this one. No comparison!!

At Fair Hills, you know that everyone on staff is doing their best (because they want to) to make your stay comfortable, clean, fun, friendly and the absolute best it can be. When we went to your dining hall for meals, we had a hard time choosing what we wanted because everything was excellent and we wanted to have it all and didn’t want to miss anything else delicious. We couldn’t wait for the next event. We felt safe and relaxed and knew everything was going to be just fine! We shed a tear when we had to leave and are so looking forward to our next trip. Although, it is not going to work for us this year to return to Fair Hills, we will return. Our daughter asks us very often…when are we going back to Fair Hills? We are certainly hoping for the summer of 2008.

Thank you for listening…you really do make things special and memorable!

Sharon Ploof

24270 Co. Hwy 20
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501



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