My Internship Experience- Shelby Singer

Being in the first group of summer staff to arrive, my first impression when driving into Fair Hills and walking into the lobby was ‘what am I getting myself into’. The lobby was in shambles with the newly laid carpet leaving everything out of order. As the weeks went on, more summer staff arrived, and the lobby and the resort started to come together. The hard work of a team is really shown in the resort today because it wouldn’t be up and running without us. Knowing that I made an impact on how it all came together brings me peace every time I walk into the lobby filled with guests chatting and the buzzing sound of the malt blender. There have been ups and downs, like most jobs have, but I am happy to be walking away from this internship with hands on experience. I learned so much during my time here that has impacted me, but most importantly the new friendships that I have and will have for much longer than the time that was spent here at Fair Hills Resort.