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Hello, lovers of Fair Hills Resort! Welcome to our blog. Allow me to introduce myself…

Tanzi PropstMy name is Tanzi Propst and I am a senior photojournalism major at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism. I will be graduating in May and moving up in the world, assuming all goes well. I enjoy photography, writing, being with friends and family and will talk for hours on the subject of Australia.

I’ve been a guest at Fair Hills for 10 years and I plan to be guest for many many more. I’m here weekly to share thoughts on all the lovely things Fair Hills Resort has to offer as well as the milestones the resort is expecting in the coming months.

And with that, I’d like to begin my very first post talking about some of my favorite memories at the resort and the welcoming nature of the staff that make Fair Hills that amazing place that it is.

I remember the first time that I visited Fair Hills — uncertain about what to expect but excited for family time…someone told me there would be ice cream so I was in! My first few days seemed overwhelming.  There were so many things to do — swim in the pool, canoe around the lake, play bingo, go golfing, relax and enjoy a chocolate malt at the soda fountain. The list goes on and on…

Our first night was spent meeting up with my grandparents and trekking to the dining hall to eat dinner. I remember the first night’s activity: bingo. I can’t remember if I won, but I remember people showing up in their swimsuits and winning free popcorn, a free malt and even a little cash.

I was young, only 12 on my first visit, and was immediately encouraged to participate in the activities for 8—14-year-olds. Dressed in my swimsuit, slathered from head-to-toe in sunscreen and wearing my flip-flops, I headed out of the cabin to meet the other kids on the deck. We played capture the flag, boated across Pelican Lake to the dam where we carved our names in the algae and picked seashells out of the sand as souvenirs. The recreation directors for my age group were all about adventure and never let us pre-teens become bored.

Mom and dad sure enjoyed the relaxation they scored from sending all three kids — my little sister, little brother and myself — to activities throughout the day.

Mom and grandma sat on the deck reading a good book, enjoying the sun and the sound of Pelican Lake lapping up onto the shore. Dad took the golf cart and escaped to the 9-hole golf course to play a few rounds. Grandpa immediately went to seek out a fishing guide so he could spend the early morning hours on the smooth and pristine water hoping to catch something for us to eat at lunch.

None of these things would have ever been possible without the amazing staff. Always smiling, they welcomed each family with an excitement that never faded throughout the summer and throughout the week. Making jokes at bingo, keeping the kids entertained, making malt after malt, organizing activities, you get the point…they’re talented! I didn’t even mention the Hootenanny or the staff talent show. What a treat.

Needless to say, my first year at Fair Hills was such a hoot that I had to come back the next year, and the next and the next and the next. Even though I’ve graduated from the 8—14-year-old activities, I’ve still found ways to relax and have a great time at the resort. I’ve come to appreciate an early run through the crisp morning mist over to Camp Castaway, a quiet morning reading on the deck and a lazy evening in the hot tub.

Fair Hills is a place I love so much and I’m so excited to be sharing more about this wonderful place with all of you. Thanks for reading and following along!

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