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Five Lakes Resort is Waking Up!

Adventures of Five Lakes Lisa

I hiked for 4.5 miles and saw two eagles, an osprey in its nest on the power line trail, countless downy woodpeckers, a pleated woodpecker and many more birds.  There are countless varieties of migrating ducks here this time of year.

While on the power line trail I spotted a large dear curled up.  It seemed to be just enjoying the warm spring sun and chose not to run when I went by.  It was fun as my trail took me only about 25 free from the deer.  It just watched me while I watched it as I walked by.

It is, right now, a great time to hike the trails as you can see much more because there is no foliage yet.  I keep an eye out for antler sheds as well.  I’ve hiked the trails here since I was 16 and this time of year I always manager to see new sights.

Of course, I am waiting for ice out and my first sunrise kayak.  It won’t be long, as the ice is getting thin and dark.

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