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Fair Hills employs a seasonal staff of about 150 people to help run the resort from May-September.  We offer both seasonal summer jobs and seasonal internships.  Fair Hills also offers on-site housing for up to 60 staff members.



Testimonials – Why Fair Hills?

“They quickly made me feel welcome and it was like I was at home with my family.  To this day, I still keep in contact with the friends I made over my time at Fair Hills and I will treasure the friendships we made forever.”  – Brett 2019

“It was an amazing experience because of all the freedom and trust I received working in my position.  [I] was able to form such close relationships, which makes work a far more enjoyable experience.”  – Liv 2019

“The friends I’ve gained and the memories I’ve made are something I will treasure and reminisce about eternally.  I have never had a more fun or rewarding job.  There was an opportunity to learn something as I worked and grow as a human being.” – Casey 2017

“On behalf of the entire group, I would like to extend our warmest thank you for hosting us last month!  I was very happy with the entire experience working with the staff.  Whenever we asked “hey, can we do this?” or, “Could you arrange that?” the answer was always “Yes”!  This kind of unfailing positive attitude and willingness to be flexible is rarer and rarer to find these days, and we very much appreciated it.  We’ve received feedback from many of our family members, and a common sentiment we heard is this was the best reunion in recent memory!”  – 2022 Family Reunion Guest

“We are anxious to thank you again for an amazing and very memorable time at Fair Hills. Our children and families speak very positively of the visit. It was so fun for me, having lived so far away – Seattle, now North Carolina – these many years, to come back and feel welcomed.  Those four summers of waitressing were so valuable in my growing into adulthood years. The challenges of maneuvering personalities and mastering waitressing resulted in lifetime awareness that are invaluable. The music opportunities surely enriched the environment of the job and my future.”  – 2022 Former Staff and Current Guest


Videos, Vlogs & Media – Watch It!

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Job Descriptions

Summer Jobs          Internships


For all positions:

  • Hiring is done on a rolling basis as applications come in.
  • Submit your application ASAP for a better chance of getting your first job choice.
  • Applications are accepted beginning September 2022 to July 2023.
  • Send questions or request a paper application form by emailing
  • Paper applications can be sent to or mail to: PO Box 6, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502

General Information:

Each employee plays an essential role at the resort. Each department works together to create a memorable experience for our guests. On average, a full-time employee works about 35-40 hours per week. Schedules vary based on the nature of resort business. We serve our guests in some capacity from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. each day. This requires flexibility among our staff. Fair Hills staff work hard and sometimes schedules can change with little to no warning. To maintain our strong family atmosphere, employees should be particularly conscious of maintaining dress & grooming that reflects a professional, business-like image. We do not allow extremes in clothing, hair, jewelry, or make-up and reserve the right to limit any additional adornments, such as requiring the removal of piercings/the covering of tattoos.

Our employees have a lot of fun, as they work with an energetic staff of over 100 people. Employees also meet many interesting people; the resort typically has 150-250 guests per week. Our employees provide a wonderful service to many people: Making their vacation and relaxation time very pleasurable and memorable (some of our guests have come to Fair Hills for over 50 years). Best of all, they work at a beautiful resort on a beautiful lake in Minnesota.

Position Availability:

The resort opens May 15th and closes September 30th in 2023.  From May 15 – June 17, we run our conventions, meetings and wedding season; hosting a variety of groups and events.  From June 18 – August 25, we run our weekly family vacation season.  Then from August 26 – September 30, we host conventions, meetings and weddings again.

All positions start full-time between June 6-13, depending on the department.  There is the option to start earlier than June 6-13 and work full-time on the Utility Crew as well as start training into your position part-time.  If you’re available and you elect to come earlier than June 6th, you’ll be assigned to the Utility Crew.  The Utility Crew completes a variety of tasks at the resort – nothing is off limits!  Tasks can include, but not limited to: painting, cleaning cabins, lawn care, dishwashing, boat upkeep, general cleaning, inventory, and serving meals.  The Utility Crew is a great way to get to know the resort, become proficient in a variety of tasks and get to know the team.  While working on the Utility Crew, you’ll have part-time opportunities to start your departmental duties.  Starting June 6-13, full-time position duties and training begin.  If you’re available to start earlier than June 6, you’ll have the option to come earlier and work on the Utility Crew, or defer your arrival to June 6-13 to start your position first.  Regardless of when you start, there will be times when you are required to help out in other departments.  We are one big team and not constrained by single departments.  Cross training is vital to the success of your employment and the resort.

Room & Board:

We have room for about 50 staff to live at the resort (this is on a first come, first serve basis). Staff housing is $100/week.  This includes your cabin, cabin furnishings, utilities, Wi-Fi, parking and resort amenities; 27 holes of golf, driving range, swimming pool, hot tub, sailboats, shuffleboard, Frolf, tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball court, paddleboats, etc.  The resort offers 3 meals per day complimentary to staff who live on-site.   A $50 room deposit will be taken from your first paycheck. This deposit will be refunded to you on your last day provided your room passes inspection.

Compensation and Activity Money:

Wages for seasonal staff start at $11.50 per hour. The amount of your wage will depend upon your job and your relevant experience; returning employees may qualify for a pay increase. If the resort decides to extend an offer to you for summer employment, your contract will specify your rate of pay.

Bonus: Some staff will be eligible for our bonus program.  A bonus of up to $2.00 for every hour worked can be earned and will be paid on the last paycheck to all eligible employees, provided that they meet certain conditions, e.g., staying through their contract date, above & beyond work, etc. The bonus does not apply to short-term employees (less than 6 weeks or less than 300 hours), Wildflower employees (people working in ground maintenance or the pro shop), or “spring & fall staff”.  An additional $1.00 will be added to all hours worked in the housekeeping and dishwashing departments. The bonus is discussed in greater detail in the employee handbook that is sent to everyone we hire.

Contact Tanner at 218-847-7638 or if you have any questions.

Job Descriptions

Summer Jobs          Internships

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