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2009 Christmas Greetings

Happy Holidays!
Back in Florida for the winter waiting for Barb’s rotator cuff surgery next week.  We went  canoeing again this spring and fall on the Gunflint Trail. This summer Barb led the 3 mile walks at 7 am and the water aerobicsat 9:30 every morning.  Dave opened the lobby at 6 am and did the coffee with Ed Berg for those early morning risers….then at 8 am, my favorite job…frying eggs in the kitchen. We again look forward to summer; seeing old friends and new guests.     Barb & Dave

Happy Holidays! I hope you have a chance to spend some quality time with your family this season. I will be enjoying my winter break in Chicago with my family. They will come enjoy my new house with me in Detroit Lakes for New Years! And of course I hope you all enjoy the big Rose Bowl game on January 1st. Go Bucks! I have been very busy helping plan the first Tour de Hoot. It will be a whirlwind tour stopping in 9 cities.  I hope to see you and your family there if possible.  Have a fantastic winter, holiday season and bright new year! 6 months until summer!  Caitlin Pawlowski

I hope this letter finds everyone in good health. This past year was definitely an eventful one for the resort and golf course, thank you everyone for keeping us busy! This past year also reminded us that we should focus on things that really matter in our lives, like family and friends. It was great serving everyone in a different capacity this year at the golf course, I appreciated everyone stopping by – even the non-golfers! I look forward to another great summer at Wildflower and Fair Hills in 2010.    Happy Holidays,   Justin Fraase

Happy Holidays to All!  As I go through the reservation list, it brings to mind memories of the resort filled with happy people.  I look forward to seeing you again in 2010.  I hope you all have a great holiday season filled with happiness and joy!   Garnet Hultgren

Merry Christmas! I will be in Thailand over Christmas but will return home to Minnesota for New Year’s to enjoy the snow & hopefully go skiing! I hope this holiday season finds you healthy & happy!    Anna Rasmussen

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
The year 2009 will be remembered as the year of computerized reservations.  We didn’t think we would survive but we did and enjoyed another season on Pelican Lake.  I am looking forward to 2010 as each year brings a new and unique adventure at Fair Hills.
I am leaving my computer, W2’s, quarterlies, and payrolls behind to spend Christmas in California with family.  I know— everyone says, “Accountants don’t take vacations at the end of the year.  What were you thinking?” But I have promised to come back refreshed and ready to tackle another year.
I wish every one of you a great holiday season and hope to see you this summer.   Karen Nelson

Oh I do enjoy the holidays!  All the Schupp kids will be home at some point–some for a month, some for a few days.  We move the crew out to #8 at Five Lakes so we’re never more than 10 feet away from the ski trails!   We’ll do a lot of cross country skiing, watch Andy play some hockey games, and laugh much!  There will be lots of great food (that’s why I ski!!), we’ll read great books until too late at night, and play lots of card games in front of the fireplace.   I hope your times are merry and families healthy..and of course, we hope to see all of you next summer.   Merry Christmas to all!!!  Beth, Dan and kids

PS  Please welcome Anna Bogestad into the Fair Hills family.  She and Charlie were married August 29th at the resort. A fun time was had by all….TO SAY THE LEAST!

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