COVID-19 Update

2021 Season – COVID-19 Update

If you can get to us safely, we can vacation you safely!

March 22, 2021

Greetings from the shores of (soon to be ice free) Pelican Lake!

We know the question on everyone’s mind, what will this summer be like at Fair Hills Resort?  While we don’t have guaranteed answers for every detail, we want to share our plans with you so far, while understanding that these plans still can and may change or update. 

Summer 2020 taught us a lot.  We learned what we can and cannot do safely; what modifications work, how to take the necessary precautions and overall, how to keep everyone safe while still enjoying the traditional Fair Hills experience.  Last summer we had to pair down our services which allowed us to focus on safety and learning.  This summer, we feel confident that we can take what we learned and offer our full complement of services, amenities and activities.  

Moving forward, based on the current Minnesota and Department of Health restrictions, considering the current state of the pandemic and future forecasts, we are moving forward with plans and contingency plans for all aspects of our services.  Bottom line however, so long as restrictions are no worse than last year, we will continue to offer everything! 

Fair Hills Vacations

A vacation at Fair Hills will, as always, feel like a true destination getaway.  Even with modifications to many of our services, they will feel like “normal!” And as ever, our first commitment to our guests and staff is safety and health. 

    • Length of Stay – There are no restrictions to length of stay, other than the usual 2-night minimum during our vacation Sports Weeks.  
    • Guest Rooms (Cabins) – We will continue with our improved and increased cleaning protocols.  EPA-approved disinfectants will be used on all surfaces. 
    • Maid Service – Daily maid service will be at your discretion.  As always, it is included in your stay, however you have the ability and authority to decline daily service and therefore reduce the number of people who have daily contact to your guest cabin.  Your maid service schedule will be discussed with you upon check-in.  A delivery service of housekeeping items has been established in lieu of full daily service.   
    • Dining – The Dining Room will be open!  While allowed capacities tend to fluctuate often, our final plans might change too. 
      • Meal Times – One strong possibility is that we will extend all meal time hours to allow us to safely spread out the number of guests in the dining room at one time.  Should we officially spread out meal times, we will likely assign early or late seating to all guests, keeping groups and family assignments the same.  
      • Menus – Our menus will be largely unchanged in format and variety.  When we do offer buffets, we will reduce the number of high-touch items and run a served buffet service whenever possible.  We have added a few new items and will continue to accommodate all dietary requests.  
      • Ordering – To assist our staff in preparation for all meals, we will require all lunch and dinner orders to be made in advance of the meal.  You will give your order as usual, just earlier than usual!  Our dining room team will assist you in this process.  
      • To-Go Options – We offered to-go and delivery services in 2020 and they worked great!  You and your family will have the option to order your meals and pick-up To-Go or delivered to your choice of location.  Orders are subject to specific timeline to order.  Our staff will be available to assist you in these options when you arrive.  
  • Activities – We are thrilled to say that we will be offering our usual activity programming, of course with slight modifications.  Some of the modifications we tried last year were awesome and we will likely keep some in place for a long time to come! 
      • Anything we can move outside, we will move outside.  Who knew BINGO was AMAZING on the deck?!?
      • Activities for large groups will be spread out and modified to be amazingly fun with distance factored in!  
      • Hootenanny – this activity might look the most different but we are determined to make it feel the same, if not better than ever.  We aren’t Fair Hills without a little music & Hootenanny fun.  
  • Fitness Classes – We plan to offer fitness classes as usual, with appropriate distance factored in.  If the weather cooperates, let’s do outdoor yoga! 
  • Amenities – All amenities will be open! 
  • Pools – the pools and hot tubs will be open and will follow all state restrictions.  
  • Playground – the playground will be open.  Sanitation stations will be nearby for use.
  • Land Games – all land game amenities will be open and running.  Equipment will be available for use as usual.  Required turn in procedures for sanitation will be in place.  As always, you are also welcome to bring your own equipment. 
  • Golf Course – The golf course will be open.  Slight modifications to reduce high touch points on the course will still be in place.  Most communal items on the course will be removed. 
  • Golf Carts – Golf carts will be available to rent as always.  Golf carts will be sanitized between uses.  
  • Tennis Courts – The tennis courts will be open and available for use.  Please refer to USTA rules.  We also plan to designate pickle ball courts for guest use! 
  • Non-Motorized Boats – All non-motorized boats will be available to use.  Can you canoe?  There will be sanitation stations on the beach for use on equipment.  
  • Rental Boats – We will still offer motor boats for rent.  We also continue to recommend two 3rd party rental companies who have excellent fleets of boats to rent. 
  • Lake Toys – The tower, water mat and raft will be in the lake! 
  • Massages – We will still offer massages and you can set-up your appointment anytime in advance of your stay.  
  • Lobby & Pavilion – The lobby will be open and operating based on state occupancy restrictions.  We will continue to promote gathering outside whenever possible, but all services from the lobby will be available including billiards, ping pong and foosball. 
  • Soda Fountain – The soda fountain will be open in full and now OFFERS DELIVERY SERVICES!  You can text your milkshake order in and a few minutes you can snack in the cool without ever moving!
  • Perch – The Perch will be open with the full menu.  The Perch is also offering DELIVERY SERVICES.  We are excited to offer some new menu items this year. 
  • Gift Shop – The gift shop will be open as usual.  We are excited about the apparel we have ordered for this year.  Hopefully you can find your new favorite Fair Hills sweatshirt! 

As ever, we will continue to train our staff and improve our protocols to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone.  We will be as prepared as possible for a successful and safe summer. 

At this time we have not modified our standard cancellation policy which indicates your deposit is refundable, less a $50 fee, if you cancel more than 60 days to your arrival date.  We will communicate if that policy changes.  

Many of our management staff have already begun to get vaccinated and that will be the norm for our staff team this summer.  

We encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  We hope to see you this summer on the shores of Pelican Lake!

Stay positive and test negative! 

Beth & Dan Schupp and the rest of the Fair Hills Team