Celebrating the Life of Barb Kaldahl

Our final memory of the 2019 season is …. Celebrating the Life of Barb Kaldahl. 

At the start of summer 2019, our Fair Hills family experienced a tremendous loss in one of our iconic family members, Barb Kaldahl. We celebrated her life in a beautiful service at Fair Hills Resort on a warm, sunny day in July. The lobby was filled to the brim with dear friends, family, and guests.

The day was “filled with wonderful memories, beautiful music, and laughter that would’ve made Barb proud.”

You are dearly missed, Barb. But your spirit lives on in many ways. In your four kids, eight grandkids, and twelve great-grandkids … in every water aerobics class in the FH pool …. in every Morning Walking Club walk on early summer mornings around Pelican Lake … and in every guest who you warmly befriended during their stay at Fair Hills.

Barb Kaldahl is joyful and laughing holding granddaughter Ingrid