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Category Archives: The Winter Chronicles

November 2023

2023 November Newsletter Weather November has had us in the twilight zone.  As we write this, there isn’t a drop of “white stuff” anywhere, it is raining, we are still working outside comfortably and have even cracked a window open!  Where are we?!?? [update…it snowed!] November has been a month of all seasons.  We’ve had…

Our 2019 Fair Hills Resort Christmas Card

Office Answers – Thanksgiving 2018 Edition

Thanksgiving reminds us to focus on the good, recognizing and feeling truly thankful for all the things that make our lives so wonderful. Some of the members of our winter office staff gave their answers to this question: What’s the one experience for which you are most grateful for this year? (Besides, of course, another fabulous season…

Winter Waterslide?

I have found the winter equivalent of the summer Tuesday afternoon waterslide. It’s roof sliding! Yesterday a crew of 10, Dan Mohn, Lisa, Steve, Emily, Pat, Toelly, Gordy, Shannon, Bob and Caitlin, came together to shovel snow off the roofs of the dining room and 15 cabins.  What a sight to see, 6 people moving…

Happy Holidays 2011

YO HO HO From the crew at Fair Hills, Lake Five & Wildflower. Dave & Barb Kaldahl We are planning to find some snow after we leave Ft Myers.  With all the songs we hear at this time of year about snow, we expect to find some in Minnesota when we arrive there on Dec….

December 2011

We wouldn’t be true Minnesotans unless we talked about the weather.  And this fall – well, it has been WONDERFUL!  The temperatures have been warm, the sun has been shining and the roads have been excellent to drive on.  Even the squirrels and the chipmunks have been so happy because of the over abundance of…

November 2011

It’s already November! The resort closed October 9th and today is the final day of taking docks in so we should be ready for winter at 4:30 today. Yesterday Lisa and I were working on the long dock by cabin 45 and saw a baby, teenager and papa Muskie! Projects are happening all over the…

The Close of the 2011 Season

The Fair Hills 2011 Season has ended. The resort has been cleaned and closed down for the winter. Patty has unmade all the beds, Dave has turned the water off to all cabins and Debbie has wrapped up everything in the lobby. The office has moved into Detroit Lakes and it is quiet. Too quiet….

Lake Five Lisa Adventures

Today, though the ice went out several days ago, was my first early morning kayak on Lake Five, and it was like a float through my Birds of Minnesota Field Guide book. It was sunny and the lake was calm, though I was out very early as there are wind warnings out for later today….

Five Lakes Resort is Waking Up!

Adventures of Five Lakes Lisa I hiked for 4.5 miles and saw two eagles, an osprey in its nest on the power line trail, countless downy woodpeckers, a pleated woodpecker and many more birds.  There are countless varieties of migrating ducks here this time of year. While on the power line trail I spotted a…

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