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Summer Please Hurry!

This morning our thermometer read -17 degrees.  It is days like today when it is hard to remember that our summers are beautiful and hot.  How wonderful a summer day would feel today.  Heck, a 30 degree day would feel wonderful. Thinking only warm summer thoughts today (or we will freeze).   Small waves washing ashore, […]

Summer Employement

Need a job this summer? Fair Hills is currently accepting applications for the 2013 season.  Waiter, housekeeper, recreation director, grounds crew, store worker are just some of the employment opportunities this summer. Work on beautiful Pelican Lake for the summer with staff from around the world.  We work hard and we play hard.  Employees earn […]

February 2012 Newsletter

AMAZING If there have been more than a handful of below zero days this winter, then I’m a monkey’s uncle!  No cross country skiing, at all, but if that means 30 degrees over Christmas break, I’m okay with that for one winter!  I know we talked about record snowfall last year so we may as […]

Happy Holidays 2011

YO HO HO From the crew at Fair Hills, Lake Five & Wildflower. Dave & Barb Kaldahl We are planning to find some snow after we leave Ft Myers.  With all the songs we hear at this time of year about snow, we expect to find some in Minnesota when we arrive there on Dec. […]

December 2011 Newsletter

We wouldn’t be true Minnesotans unless we talked about the weather.  And this fall – well, it has been WONDERFUL!  The temperatures have been warm, the sun has been shining and the roads have been excellent to drive on.  Even the squirrels and the chipmunks have been so happy because of the over abundance of […]

December 2010 Newsletter

Happy Holidays In the excitement of the holidays, we missed a few things in the last newsletter… 2011 Reservations It was brought to my attention after some phone calls about the Tour de Hoot that many of you mentioned you hadn’t received your reservation letters that we now email.  Garnet sent everyone an email on […]

July 2010 Newsletter

Happy July The waterslide – some of us love it, some of us fear it. If you’ve been someone at the sidelines watching your older brothers or maybe your granddaughter go down the slide we have the video for you. The thrill of the ride without the grass in unmentionable places! What else have we […]

May 2010 Newsletter

We’re so glad it’s May! For the first time ever, the golf course opened in March, and to tell you the truth, there were more golfers in the one week of March 2010, than there were the whole month of October 2009.  The weather was crazy amazing, and Minnesotans are so ready to get outside!  […]

April 2010 Newsletter

What do all three of these have to do with Fair Hills and Lake Five? They are the new additions to each cabin.  After so many requests we have finally gone geek with flat screen TVs and video game in each cabin. We’re working on a iPhone app that will replace the Giant Slide and […]

February 2010 Newsletter

Five Lakes Open All Year—The picture above is from the Cowabunga Trail at Five Lakes Nordic Looking for a winter break? We have plenty of snow up at Lake Five and a private ski trail. *Check out the ski trail: or here *Check out the winter cabins here: *And pictures of the […]