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Category Archives: Doing the Pelican

Doing the Pelican in Norway

Ann Kinney doing the Pelican in front of the Jostedal Glacier near Skei, Norway on June 22, 2010

Doing the Pelican in Maine

Duffie & Sally doing Pelican in Maine…

Pelican Dance in Glasgow

Got a Pelican Dance? Plesae send it our way. This is Lily and Aine outside the Hootenanny Pub in Glasgow, Scotland:

Fair Hills Pelicans

It’s always fun to see a pelican on Pelican Lake. Some folks like to have our early morning coffee outo n the deck before the breakfast bell rings to keep an eye out. Well for those folks we have good news – they’re here!

Pelican in Patagonia

Pelican in Stockholm

Pelican in Mexico

The Pelican helps celebrate a big birthday in Mexico!

Pelican in China

Here’s the Pelican on the Great Wall and in Tiananmen Square

Pelican Across the Pond


Pelican at Skipper School

The Pelican at Skipper School and there’s a Pelican made out of Legos above us!

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