Junior Golf Camps at Wildflower – Best of 2019

Summer 2019 served us up some fabulous memories this year! We are counting down our absolute favorite moments and activities of the season in this 10-part blog series! Stay tuned for more additions each week! Coming in at #10… Hosting Junior Golf Camps at Wildflower Golf Course!

Our golf pro interns, Brett and Christian, led five different Junior Golf Camps at Wildflower Golf Course this summer, instructing in the overall basics, teaching proper golf etiquette, and instilling a love for the game in local youth from the lakes area. Everyday, the campers took to the course for instruction sessions, fun games, and contests. Sometimes, of course, there’d be breaks at the Fair Hills soda fountain or Wildflower snack bar to re-energize.

At Wildflower, we are always so impressed with the talented kids in our area. It’s great that our staff can help improve their game! Also, parents get to enjoy a few free hours, , perhaps even playing their own 18 at the Wildflower.

Camps run Tuesday-Friday from 9am-12pm – we will offer them again in 2020! We hope to see some awesome junior golfers on the course again next year! For more information, visit Wildflower’s website or call 1-888-PLAYWILD.

pro shop management intern brett instructing golf lessons