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A lot of family and a little alone time – that’s a vacation!

2boys1shirtHere’s another story from Niki Pappas, a guest who has been visiting Fair Hills for more than 10 years! Thanks to Niki for taking the time to talk to us and sending a fantastic picture!

I was introduced to Fair Hills because my parents had a lake cottage on Pelican Lake, on Goslee Beach just a 1/2 mile away or so. We lived in Fargo and so I spent lots of time at friends’ and our own lake cottages in the summertime. When I grew up and had kids of my own, my parents actually suggested that we try staying at Fair Hills — their cottage was very nice for adults & teens but not kid-friendly — it was on a steep hill with no beach and they weren’t the type to have water toys / boats / etc. So that started a pattern of my own little family’s coming every summer with my parents (and often brother if he was in town) coming over to play tennis (we’re a big tennis family), sail, see some of the shows, and have some meals together.

So in those early years when we’d come, we’d spend most of our time at the playground and on the beach with Alex and Zach. We came virtually every year starting in about 1997, and there were milestones — like the first time the boys were allowed to walk back to the playground by themselves after dinner. Now they’re 16 and 13 and of course they roam all over and enjoy pool, ping-pong, tennis, waterskiing, the morning walks, and of course swimming in the lake & playing with the kayaks and other water toys. For me as a mom of little boys Fair Hills was such a treat because everything was taken care of. It was a restful and relaxing way to vacation and also like going home for me. One of the most important things for me from the beginning was the walks with Barb. I’d get up early and have that time to myself to get good exercise, talk with other adults, and prepare myself for another day with my kids! As mentioned, often my parents were around and my brother too, so that was also a treat.

After I divorced my kids’ dad, the three of us still wanted to come to Fair Hills — I think we missed one year but no more than that. It’s a real tradition for the boys and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to talk them out of it. I hope they will continue to come when they’re older, married, have kids, etc. Unfortunately my parents don’t have the lake cottage anymore, but as mentioned, my brother has become our “4th” and we have a great time.

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