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Hello all! Are you gearing up for Thanksgiving? Is your turkey thawing in the refrigerator? I bet some of you have even started decorating for Christmas! The holidays are such a fun, yet busy time! All of us in the office are excited to spend Thanksgiving with our families and give thanks (and eat yummy […]

Viva Las Vegas

Whew! We’re back from Viva Las Vegas! On Wednesday, Cheryl arrived in Vegas and joined the rest of the competitors in the entire World Food Championship for a welcome reception! The rest of the Fair Hills crew joined Cheryl on Wednesday. On Thursday, Cheryl had her ingredient check, a US Foods marketing meeting, and a dinner […]


In 2 days and a few hours, Chef Cheryl Hoban will be competing head-to-head with 7 other regional contestants at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada! Cheryl’s Midwest Regional Cranberry Chutney is competing against: The Atlantic’s Chocolate Stout Beer Battered Onion Rings, The Central’s Black Bean Slider, The Northeast’s Eggplant Balls, The South’s […]