Monthly Archives: February 2011

December 2010 Newsletter

Happy Holidays In the excitement of the holidays, we missed a few things in the last newsletter… 2011 Reservations It was brought to my attention after some phone calls about the Tour de Hoot that many of you mentioned you hadn’t received your reservation letters that we now email.  Garnet sent everyone an email on […]

July 2010 Newsletter

Happy July The waterslide – some of us love it, some of us fear it. If you’ve been someone at the sidelines watching your older brothers or maybe your granddaughter go down the slide we have the video for you. The thrill of the ride without the grass in unmentionable places! What else have we […]

May 2010 Newsletter

We’re so glad it’s May! For the first time ever, the golf course opened in March, and to tell you the truth, there were more golfers in the one week of March 2010, than there were the whole month of October 2009.  The weather was crazy amazing, and Minnesotans are so ready to get outside!  […]

April 2010 Newsletter

What do all three of these have to do with Fair Hills and Lake Five? They are the new additions to each cabin.  After so many requests we have finally gone geek with flat screen TVs and video game in each cabin. We’re working on a iPhone app that will replace the Giant Slide and […]

February 2010 Newsletter

Five Lakes Open All Year—The picture above is from the Cowabunga Trail at Five Lakes Nordic Looking for a winter break? We have plenty of snow up at Lake Five and a private ski trail. *Check out the ski trail: or here *Check out the winter cabins here: *And pictures of the […]

December 2009 Holiday Newsletter

Happy Holidays! Back in Florida for the winter waiting for Barb’s rotator cuff surgery next week.  We went  canoeing again this spring and fall on the Gunflint Trail. This summer Barb led the 3 mile walks at 7 am and the water aerobicsat 9:30 every morning.  Dave opened the lobby at 6 am and did […]

December 2009 Newsletter

It’s beginning to look at lot like… We’ve got a lot of news this month – so much you might hear from us twice! Tour de Hoot The Monotone Lawnboy has made plans for the offseason. He wants to be in the Hootenanny so much he’s taking his show on the road. (Check out our […]

November 2009 Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving We have so much news this month, we’re going to dive in as soon as we remember to say – we are thankful for family and friends like you! Tour de Hoot, coming to a city near you! The Monotone Lawnboy has made plans for the offseason. He wants to be in the […]

2009 End of September Newsletter

    What a season! Where did the summer go? It seems like yesterday that we were welcoming our first families in June. We had a terrific summer and enjoyed seeing you all.  Now we had to send this picture because that is me skiing on September 24th!  It was so hot in the office, […]

January 2009 Newsletter

Winter Wonderland at Five Lakes Resort Five Lakes for Winter Vacation Cold enough for you? The best was to get through the cold is to take advantage of it. The snow is the best we’ve seen in many years up here and the trails are in excellent shape!  Come up for a weekend getaway!  Check […]