Monthly Archives: October 2007

Fall Clean Up

We thought you’d enjoy a peek at our closing rituals: 

Doing the Pelican at NASA

Five Lakes Resort Pics from Vergas

Thanks to the Hertogs for sending us a bunch of their fun vacation pictures from the Five Lakes Resort and Cabins (our sister site in Vergas MN). Visit the Five Lakes Resort web site for more info…

Doing the Pelican in Knowth, Ireland

Doing the Pelican in Greece

It’s Garnet – can you see the Parthenon in the background?

Briscoes on Vacation

Thanks to Kari for sending these fun pictures of the Briscoes 

Doing the Pelican in Santa Barbara, California

The family does the Pelican

Larry Swenson does the Wide Mouth Frog

You know it, you love it and now you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. In fact if you want to hear even more from Larry you can get more of his music from  or at [youtube=]