Monthly Archives: July 2007

Tuesday at Fair Hills

Two big highlights – Water slide and Hootenanny! Another word to the wise: If you are not 22 years old use your arms to break your fall on the water slide. I am still having trouble sitting down – but it was worth it. The Hootenanny is a fun vaudeville-type show put on by the […]

Monday at Fair Hills

The big girls enjoyed a golf lesson. Word is it went really well and they hit the ball a lot. They were finished just in time to join the kids’ treasure hunt, where they met an 8 year old they could hang with for the rest of the trip. During the afternoon we played Family […]

Sunday at Fair Hills

Just so you know, I got up ay 7 am to “walk with Barb.” There weren’t many of us – but for me the morning walk was a nice break everyday and a great way to get to know a few other guests. A few of us did walk everyday but several more walked a […]

2007 Staff Pics

The 2007 Staff Pictures are now on our web site! They’re a good looking crew, even if we do say so ourselves.

Saturday at Fair Hills

Hello! I am a happy Fair Hills guest, who helps with the blog. My family and I stayed at Fair Hills exactly 2 week ago. I thought it would be fun to post-vacation blog posts to track our fun for anyone who might be wondering what it’s like to stay at Fair Hills… Today is […]

Sweet summer daze

We were delighted with the following article published in The Forum on July 07, 2007. (And we thank them for permission to reprint!) Sweet summer daze Melinda Rogers, The Forum Published Saturday, July 07, 2007 Dave Kaldahl doesn’t mind when people compare Fair Hills resort to the movie “Dirty Dancing.” After all, the fictional film […]