Monthly Archives: May 2007

A poem from Julie Berg

I can’t swear if this is a haiku?! Or not, but it is written by Julie Berg who wrote it for her family when she was about 9, and now she’s about 21…Her whole extended family consisted of 9 people and this is the poem she wrote. We thought folks would enjoy it.  If you […]

May newsletter – volume 2

OK it’s the second in our May series… The theme this week is Going Green We are thinking hard about our carbon footprint this year, and for years to come. As far as dining, Cheryl, our head chef, will bring as much produce that is locally grown, into the resort menus as possible. Her husband […]

May Newsletter – volume 1

We have so much news to share that we’re breaking it up into bite-sized pieces and sending our newsletter in 3 installments this month. We don’t want to leave you hanging – but we also didn’t want to bowl you over with too much info at once. The theme this week – Seeing the Stars […]

Doing the Pelican in Paris

The Pelican goes to France

Doing the Pelican in Turkey

 Can Turkey do the Pelican?  

Doing the Pelican while Ice Fishing

Beth does the Pelican with a new friend