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Fair Hills & Five Lakes Resort and Wildflower Golf Course Employment


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Hiring is done on a rolling basis as applications come in. 

Send in your application ASAP for a better chance of getting your first job choice. 

Applications are accepted beginning October 2015 to July 2016. 

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Applications should be sent to Caitlin's attention.

Mail to: PO Box 6, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502

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Fair Hills employs a seasonal staff of about 150 people to help run the resort from May-October.

Fair Hills hires 25-30 international students each summer.  International students must have a J-1 Visa and apply through an agency to be accepted as an employee.

General Information:

Each employee plays an essential role at the resort. Each department works together to create a memorable experience for our guests. On average, each employee works about 35-40 hours per week. Schedules vary based on the nature of resort business. We serve our guests in some capacity from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. each day. This requires flexibility among our staff. Fair Hills staff work hard and sometimes schedules can change with little to no warning. To maintain our strong family atmosphere, we do not allow any radical physical appearances at our resort, e.g., body and tongue piercings, tattoos and wild hair colors that would be seen by small children. Our employees have a lot of fun, as they work with an energetic staff of over 100 people. Employees also meet many interesting people; the resort typically has 150-250 guests per week. Our employees provide a wonderful service to many people: Making their vacation and relaxation time very pleasurable and memorable (some of our guests have come to Fair Hills for over 50 years). Best of all, they work at a beautiful resort on a beautiful lake in Minnesota.

Room & Board:

We have room for about 40 staff to live at the resort (this is on a first come, first serve basis).We are required to withhold room & board from your paychecks if you live at the resort. The amount withheld is $12.00 per day.  This fee includes 3 staff meals daily. A $50 room deposit will be taken from your first paycheck. This deposit will be refunded to you on your last day provided your room passes inspection.

Compensation and Activity Money:

A few employees will be paid a monthly salary; this will be discussed with them individually. The majority of employees, however, will be paid an hourly base salary between $7.50/hour and $9/hour. The amount of your wage will depend upon your job and your relevant experience; returning employees may qualify for a pay increase. If the resort decides to extend an offer to you for summer employment, your contract will specify your rate of pay.

Bonus: A bonus of up to $1.00 for every hour worked will be paid in December to all eligible employees, provided that they meet certain conditions, e.g., staying through their contract date, satisfactory work, etc. The bonus does not apply to short-term employees (less than 6 weeks or less than 300 hours), Wildflower employees (people working in ground maintenance or the pro shop), or “spring & fall staff”. The bonus is discussed in greater detail in the employee handbook that is sent to everyone we hire.

Contact Caitlin at 800-323-2849 or if you have any questions.

 2015 Staff Photo